How a Commercial Cleaning Company Could Impact Your Business

By admin, August 9, 2019

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Every business prides itself on offering the full package. They want to be known for their service, friendly team, and competitive pricing. But what about their office space, health and safety, and productivity? Read on to discover how hiring commercial cleaners could have a greater impact on your business than you might think.

Present Your Business to Potential Clients in a Good Way

A clean and tidy workplace is going to be noticed by everyone who walks through your main entrance. If the plants are healthy, the floors clean and the work surfaces tidy, then you are presenting your business as one that takes pride in the presentation and cares about attention to detail.

Commercial cleaners like CMOS create workplace cleanliness through world-class cleaning services. They hire skilled cleaners, who use only the best equipment and supplies, and have cutting-edge systems and processes.

With commercial cleaners like CMOS on your side, you’ll never have to worry about first-time clients leaving your workplace with the wrong impression.

Employee Health and Safety

Between 10 and 20 percent of New Zealanders are affected by influenza every year, with many requiring hospital care. Vaccinations can prevent many strains of Flu, but not all, and a hygienic and germ-free workplace should be your first line of defense.

CMOS has many excellent cleaners who work hard to target those common areas of any office that become breeding grounds for germs. Microwaves, vending machine buttons, door handles and bathrooms are all areas that experienced cleaners from CMOS can make safe and clean, to protect your employee’s health.

Time Saver & Productivity

If you hire a commercial cleaner, they not only take care of all the hard work but save you time. None of your team has to worry about taking care of cleaning, but someone still has to be a point of contact.

If you take CMOS commercial cleaners on board, you will quickly realize that they excel in efficiency and productivity. Their account managers communicate with clients directly, so that your staff won’t have to manage their cleaners. They also have strong, clear lines of communication within their team and with clients, which makes them more responsive for one-off jobs and quick to solve any issues.

Their ultimate goal is to provide the best cleaning schedule for your workplace, to minimize disruption to your workday. Time savings and productivity will follow.


Commercial cleaners can have a significant impact on your business by being reliable and trustworthy. Once you create a detailed cleaning schedule with your commercial cleaner, you should be able to rely on them to carry out the work specifically outlined in that schedule.

CMOS cleaners are reliable and pride themselves on their ability to go the extra mile. They always have plenty of cleaning staff on hand to provide cover at the last minute, so you can rest assured that your cleaning will get done.

What Are You Waiting For?

Commercial cleaners from high-quality commercial cleaning companies such as CMOS can be game-changers in any business. They can present your business to the world in a positive way, improve hygiene for employee health and safety, and save you time as well. If you want to claim any of these benefits for yourself, it’s time to give CMOS a call.