Bernice Anamani

Recruitment Coordinator


Hi, I’m Bernice. I’m Samoan Kiwi from Titahi Bay and a new(ish) mother of one 6-month-old little girl, she’s my absolute pride and joy. My greatest achievement in life is her. I enjoy spending my free time with my little family, as well as trying to find the best Americano in the Wellington area! I’m yet to find it, so open to recommendations! I enjoy being active, prior to having my daughter I loved being in the gym so am working on bringing that passion back and incorporating her into it.

I love being able to help people in finding a job and getting them into employment especially if they have been searching for the right opportunity for some time. I’m passionate about helping people from all walks of life and getting them into a role regardless of what that role may be. I love that I can be part of the journey with them and especially help them join the CMOS Team.

Bernice baby