Sherie Sullivan

Head of People and Culture


We spend such a significant portion of our lives at work and the ripple effect this can have on ourselves, our families and our sense of wellbeing is huge. Everyone deserves an employer that creates a workplace you want and are proud to be a part of. For those reasons my passions and experiences have been grounded in working alongside people to be at their best, to grow and develop themselves, to work well with others and to help businesses shape inclusive workplaces full of healthy, happy, high-performing people.

My little family includes my 17-year-old mohawk-wearing punk-rocking son, my spear-fishing hunter-gathering height-scaling partner, and two dogs and a sassy cat that I adore. This keeps me pretty active and busy outside work, so my life pretty much revolves around keeping up with them, going camping in our truck and LOTS of walking!

I am proud of my past life as a motorcycle rider/racer which taught me to push through my fears and gave me a lasting sense of freedom and independence. Fun fact – I grew up in Singapore and as a result, I am always cold and I developed a love for all forms of Asian cuisine.

Sherie child