The Top Commercial Common Area Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid

Common area cleaning is sometimes overlooked in the drive to ensure that your commercial property is being taken care of properly. While office interiors may be getting regular attention, lobbies, stairwells, elevators and commercial floor cleaning across hallways, restrooms and anywhere else that sees constant foot traffic, are often strangely neglected.

While these areas may be places that your team, tenants, customers or visitors generally pass through on their way somewhere else, common area cleaning, particularly commercial floor cleaning, is integral to brand protection, staff morale and client and customer retention.

Because people frequently move in and out of these spaces, dirt accumulates on the floors quite quickly —more so than in the office, where people are seated for large parts of the day.

Here, we explore the importance of commercial floor cleaning and discuss how taking care of your common areas can translate to taking care of your bottom line. Read on as we run through a few of the top commercial common area cleaning mistakes to avoid if you want to take care of business at your commercial property.


Only Cleaning Visible Areas 

The common areas in today’s commercial buildings are often open plan layouts, equating to large expanses of visible space. We find that this often heightens the risk of complacency when it comes to ensuring all essential surfaces and floors have been thoroughly cleaned.

While visible surfaces may look fairly clean and presentable, you may not be so vigilant about cleaning the underside of furnishings, the floor under your furniture or the hidden areas of curtains, blinds, kitchen appliances, and so on. 

Any nooks and crannies in your commercial common areas that you don’t clean well enough could harbour bacteria, fungi, and viruses that eventually cause health issues for users of those spaces. So, these areas require special attention in your cleaning regime. 

Commercial floor cleaning should be undertaken regularly, by experts with professional equipment that can be used to not only mop and vacuum, but also provide hygienic deep cleaning and deal with hazardous or unsightly spills and stains. Your commercial floor cleaning team should also be available to you at short notice if you have an emergency.


Inconsistent Attention 

Ordering sporadic commercial floor cleaning and irregular cleaning of your restrooms and other common areas can lead to negative outcomes that affect your brand reputation. Think about it, when you arrive at work on a Monday morning and it is clear that all the accumulated rubbish and dirt from the previous week is there to greet you, it can be disheartening. For visitors to your property, customers, clients and suppliers – or tenants – the look and feel as they step through the door speaks volumes about your overall attitude of care.

Instead of requesting one-off services whenever your common areas become noticeably dirty, it is by far a better option to protect your brand reputation with a  proactive, steady cleaning routine. This will help ensure that common areas such as hallways, lifts, stairs, and cafeterias are always pleasant and healthy places to be. 

Taking particular care with the state of your floors on a daily, weekly and deep cleaning schedule makes a huge difference to the overall aesthetic and can lift morale across the board if you stay on top of it.


Relying on In-House Staff

While it’s true that adults are usually expected to clear up after themselves, your office crew may be feeling a bit underwhelmed if they are expected to do much more than ensure the cup they use for their coffee gets a wash. Unless it is specifically written into your contract that you are going to be asked to sweep the staff kitchen or clean the toilet, vacuum and mop the floors or empty rubbish bins, you really shouldn’t expect your staff to engage with these tasks.

Common areas get messy fast because people are busy and distracted, so utilising a commercial cleaning crew bypasses any drama with expectations for everyone to do their bit. It also avoids having that one or two that can’t stand the mess being shouldered with the responsibility to stay on top of tasks which are not written into their contract and shouldn’t be their responsibility.


CMOS For Commercial Floor Cleaning & More

Keeping your common areas looking their best is always going to start and finish with the floors. So at the very least you should be engaging commercial floor cleaning services and these should be consistent, regular and of a reliable quality. At CMOS keeping your floors looking their best is one of our special skills. Our teams arrive with eco-friendly cleaning products and professional equipment and all our staff are properly trained, supervised and vetted.


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