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Let’s face it…

your expectation of what you get from a cleaning company isn’t exactly sky high is it?

It’s time for that expectation to change.

Arrow right to find out how

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It’s not as high as say…

when you board an Air New Zealand flight with a first class ticket, dine at one of Al Brown’s restaurants or shop for an Aston Martin right?

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You’ll be happy…

if you get a passable clean, there aren’t too many hassles and your contact person isn’t an idiot. You can’t expect much from a cleaning company really can you?

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Yes you can!

You can expect the royal treatment. You should, and you will. It’s time to raise your expectations, get picky and demand better.

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What time is it?

It’s CMOS time. It’s time for a young, hungry business to take over; a business run by ambitious, organised, communicative, modern business people who know how to fire up and focus a team.

Professional Cleaning

Who are we?

We’re a full commercial cleaning solution that can be tailored to any industry. We are not a franchise. We never will be.

Office Cleaning
Common Area Building Cleaning

What our clients say

The whole team care so much and always pick up the phone with a heartfelt Hello, and always think outside the box to help us.



Our offices are always spic and span. We’re very happy with the service you provide and would very happily recommend you.



Overall the cleaning is always consistent and to a high level. We often have a number of additional requests and they are always addressed at speed and followed up. We only produce a small volume of waste and recycling but these are always managed correctly.



The Account Management and job management is by far superior to other cleaning companies which certainly makes life easier.


Oyster Group Ltd

CMOS have always been very professional, friendly, and flexible.


Ronald McDonald House Wellington

The service has been Great!


Aer Rianta International

Cleaners do a great job and when there is an issue, communication is fantastic to get it resolved as quickly as possible.



Our cleaner is always so accommodating and goes above and beyond.



Love you guys.



There is nothing to improve on. The service is spot on.


Gillies Realty

I am more than happy with the service you provide!!



Good service and very approachable.


Gibbons Co.

Thank you CMOS for prompt and excellent service.


LEP Group

You guys are awesome, I'm super happy with the service CMOS provides us!