We work with small to medium offices in Auckland, Wellington and beyond that are looking for the best solution to keep their workspace clean, healthy and productive

We are proud to offer market-leading Customer Service through our dedicated Account Managers and the CMOS unique line of communication.

What you get

Single point of contact

An Account Manager is on call 24/7 and dedicated to pro-actively making sure your site is regularly checked and improved before you even arrive back to the office.

High-quality cleaning

The specialist cleaning supervisors work with the Account Manager to manage performance, leading our cleaners to deliver extraordinary results and playing a fundamental role in CMOS quality assurance through regular pro-active site checks.

Prompt resolution

Any issue or extra service raised by you is addressed by the Account Manager with urgency and effectiveness.

Cleaners you can trust

All the CMOS cleaners are employees, not contractors. To ensure a consistent and high-quality service that you can trust, we have vigorous cleaner recruitment, selection, and onboarding processes.

Corporate responsibility

We always strive to make a positive impact on the environment. If you’d like to know more about our corporate values and how we ‘walk the talk’, get in touch with our Auckland office!

One-stop shop

We provide all cleaning supplies and equipment required, as well as offering a suite of other related services to keep your office space clean and healthy, such as:

Vacuum cleaner icon
Carpet cleaning and steam cleaning
Cleaning items in a bucket
Hard floor scrubs and chemical cleans
Rubbish bin
Expendables supply and install
Tea towel on a rack
Tea towel supply and clean service
Bubbling sponge
Specialised cleaning
Sparkling clean window
Window cleaning

areas we service

We provide tailor-made cleaning services in the city of Auckland, the entire Auckland region and the Wellington region