With our common area cleaning services

not all businesses are the same, which means the common area cleaning and one-off spring clean services we provide are tailor-made for each of our client’s specific wants and needs.

Tell us what you want cleaned, when you want it cleaned, and our fully-trained and vetted specialist cleaners will get the job done.

We pride ourselves on the quality of the work we produce, and because we are not a franchise and never will be, we have a strong focus on building and maintaining our reputation as the go-to for common area cleaning in New Zealand.

Lobbies, elevators and kitchens

Stairwells and entrances, including hard-to-reach areas

Washrooms and toilets

Rubbish and recycling areas

Cleaning doors, handles, switches and plugs

Glasses, mirrors and window cleaning

Cleaning and dusting common area walls

Rejuvenating outside areas

Removing chewing gum and graffiti