Carpets in commercial settings get a lot of use (or abuse, depending on how you look at it).
From customers browsing your products and staff going about their day-to-day work, to one-off
external contractors and even pets, a number of people and four-legged friends walk on the
carpet in your office or store every day. This constant use brings dirt, moisture, and a variety of
pathogens into your space. Periodic cleaning of the carpets ensures both the health of your
customers and team, as well as the overall appeal of the space.

The TLC your carpets deserve

At CMOS, we have seen how regular care and attention have helped clients keep their carpets
in good condition for years on end, and avoid expensive interventions like carpet replacement.
How often you should get them cleaned depends on the use your carpets get. This is something
our team can help you with.
We offer an efficient, high quality cleaning service, and use non-toxic cleaning supplies so your
office air remains as clean as your carpets. CMOS customers also get dedicated account
managers who can be contacted any time of the day.

Non-toxic cleaning products

By using superior, safe cleaning products, we can help not only keep your carpets looking good but also maintain the air quality in your space by avoiding chemicals that are toxic, both to people and animals.

Single point of contact

CMOS prides itself on prompt customer service, and have dedicated account managers for each of our clients. Your account manager keeps track of all the cleaning services your building needs, and is available 24/7 in case you have questions or need an emergency cleaning after a busy day like an office get-together or a product launch.

Every job completed to a high standard

For the deep cleans where extreme specialist equipment is required we sub-contract ChemDry, the industry leader in commercial carpet deep cleans. We hold our sub-contractors to an extremely high standard, and will be the ones in touch with them so you don’t need to. F or our own staff we have a rigorous hiring and training process to ensure the quality of work is always first-class.

Our other services

We are a professional cleaning company working solely on commercial projects in Auckland
and Wellington. Besides office carpet cleaning, Clean My Office Space also provides other
services like cleaning of office common areas, rubbish removal and floor cleaning. We are
passionate about helping you have a clean, healthy and productive workplace at all times.




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