The cleanliness of your office or common area can have a huge effect on your employees, customers and tenants.

When choosing your cleaning service, you want to pick one that hits all the marks.

Read on for all the necessary things you should know if you are looking for a commercial cleaning service for your office (or really any commercial building services contractor!), and the questions you should be asking.

Corporate social responsibility cleaning service

Corporate social responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is no longer a nice to have, but is instead becoming a crucial part of each business. When looking for a cleaning service (or really any contractor) look for a few key indicators.

Do they discuss Article 6(a) with you when discussing changing providers?
What do they pay their employees and do they offer a living wage option?
Are they a member of the BSCNZ and do they submit themselves to Department of Labour audits?

These are good indicators of how much they value their employees and their commitment to corporate social responsibility. Also look out for whether they have a CSR plan in place.

To read more about CSR in cleaning services check out our blog!

Recruiting the best people

Employee vs.
Independent workers

One major question to ask your would-be contractors is whether or not their cleaners are employees or independent contractors.

For cleaners, being an employee tends to indicate better benefits, as well as more stable hours and job security. 

If they are an employee, then the contract they are under is also important, as part-time and full-time contracts also indicate more reliable hours and job security.

Clean common areas

Other Services Offered

The less contractors you have to deal with, the better.

If your cleaning company can look after your laundry, hygiene, rubbish, consumables, hard floor cleans, exterior window cleans, and more, your life will be much easier.

Do they offer a range of options for each service? Do they work with trusted providers?

For a more detailed list of finding the right cleaning provider check out our blog post.


Selection of subcontractors

Another important factor to consider is how they choose and who they have listed as their subcontractors.

Due diligence carried out on subcontractors to make sure they have appropriate experience and reputation, as well as Health and Safety procedures and Liability Insurances in place, is a must.

It may end up being subcontractors on your site so, to be sure that the bases are covered, ensure they have a robust procedure for selecting subcontractors and keeping due diligence up to date.

Top quality communication

Excellent Account Management

Having a single point of contact whom you can rely upon can make a huge difference to your experience, especially concerning the speed at which they are able to respond to your enquiries. If they measure Net Promoter Score as one of their KPls, this is a further indicator that they care about supplying quick results.

Being able to arrange extra cleans or resolve issues quickly and efficiently is another area to look for. You never know when you’ll need a last minute clean for a large mess, or before a big event. Seeking out a cleaning company that can provide services on short route is hugely beneficial.

For more details on what to look for communication wise, check out our article!

World-class cleaning experience

Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

When hiring a cleaning service, you want to ensure that their practices don’t cause undue environmental harm.

Things to look out for are whether they are using environmentally friendly products, whether they report on their waste disposal and what recycling processes they use.

There are also some great independent certifications that you can look out for.

Here’s our list of questions to ask if environmental sustainability matters to your workplace!

Technology use

Leveraging Technology

It might not seem like a big deal for cleaning companies, but technology can make an enormous difference to how effective your cleaning service is. If a company is still using cleaner books, then they might not be innovating and creating opportunities for improving their services.

Examples include whether they use applications to track their cleaner efficiency and locational information, and how well they share this with you.

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We’re all aware that maintaining good office hygiene is essential to reducing the spread of viruses while providing a safer environment for staff and clients.


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