CMOS Corner: Cleaning Industry Insights

CMOS all started from a purpose, and that purpose was to reshape the cleaning industry toward a world-class experience.

CMOS’s founders Harvey Frame and PJ saw issues in the cleaning industry that they wanted to remedy. People being unpaid or underpaid, people being treated as contractors so they didn’t get employee rights, people having to supply their own equipment, and an overall lack of care from cleaning employers.

So together in 2012 from a one bedroom apartment in Wellington, CMOS was born, a cleaning provider dedicated to doing right by their staff and clients.

CMOS quickly grew earning two Deloitte Fast 50 awards, as our new clients felt refreshed by a cleaning provider that strived to do and be better.

In 2015 we expanded into Auckland and started an office up there, and now across the two regions we employ over 150 of New Zealand’s best cleaners, and service over 600 sites.

Through our journey of growth, we adopted our values of Humble, Hungry and Smart which aligned with what we already saw as key values in our team. These values represent:

  • Humble: Putting the team first and encouraging a growth mindset
  • Hungry: Being positive and solution focused and driving for excellence
  • Smart: Be open, honest, and transparent; being empathetic and understanding and having fun and contributing to the culture.

Along with the adoption of these values we implemented our quarterly and annual culture and values championships, where those showing these values in their work could win awesome prizes.

In 2022 we performed some market research about what our clients cared most about, and from that we determined 3 key areas, these were: Consistency, Reliability and Responsiveness. Since then we’ve been working even harder to make our service align to these areas including:

  • Implementing a floating supervisor/quality assurance person to ensure all sites get even more focus and attention
  • Implementing a same day response guarantee (you can read more about it here!)
  • Making sure we have a larger roster of cleaners available to ensure even more reliable cover cleaning

Looking forward to the future we want to continue this trend of constant improvement to make sure all of our clients are stoked with the service they’re receiving.

If you’re on the look out for a cleaning provider that cares about you and its staff then look no further CMOS has got you covered, and even better we don’t tie you into long term contracts. All of our contracts are monthly rolling so you know we’re going to maintain the standard!

choosing the right cleaning provider
High Performance Cleaning

Finding the right cleaning provider

When choosing a cleaning provider, ensuring that they offer the services you are looking for is a no-brainer, but you should also consider how well

Two CMOS cleaners cleaning a site
High Performance Cleaning

Cleaning procedures you can rely on

We’re all aware that maintaining good office hygiene is essential to reducing the spread of viruses while providing a safer environment for staff and clients.


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