Best Chat-GPT Prompts to Make an Office Manager’s Life Easier

The Office Manager’s role in a company is usually as an all-rounder, one moment you’re ordering office supplies and the next you’re organising a staff Christmas party. Having a large variety of tasks that regularly change can be exhausting, BUT there is a tool that can help!

Chat-GPT is a free AI tool created by Open AI that can act as a sounding board for idea generation, list creation or countless other things.

If you’re an Office Manager that often finds yourself struggling for time, let Chat-GPT help make your life easier. In this blog post we’ll explore some prompts for tasks that Chat-GPT can help you with.


Streamlining Communication

An Office Manager usually interacts with a lot of different parties in their role. Whether it’s sending out internal comms about an important office event/change or emailing a contractor an Office Manager almost always has something to send to someone.

Chat GPT can be a great tool when you’re struggling with the tone and ordering the content of an email. If you just can’t quite find the words to say what you want to convey just hit Chat-GPT with one of these:

“Draft a friendly and concise series of emails to my colleagues about the upcoming Christmas party, it’s taking place on X date at X time at X place.”

“Draft a stern and concise email to my contractor about an unpaid invoice that was due on the 20th of last month.”

With prompts like these all you need to provide are the tone you want, the audience and a few details. Save yourself the mental load and let Chat-GPT do the heavy lifting.


Task Management and Organization

Being an all-rounder an Office Manager is usually juggling several different tasks at once, so being organised and using daily checklists can be crucial. If you have a particular task that you need broken down into the key steps then Chat-GPT can provide some inspiration, here are some examples of prompts for some general office tasks.

“Create the steps I need to take to lease a new office space.”

“Create a list of steps for deep-cleaning a refrigerator.”

This is particularly useful for tasks requiring a lot of steps where a step can easily be missed/forgotten.


General idea generation

Often as an Office Manager you have to make a lot of decisions about activities, events, meetings etc, so if you find yourself struggling to come up with the next team activity, let Chat-GPT help.

“Create a list of team-building activities for a team of 10 that take 5 minutes to complete.”

“Create an agenda for a work party for an office of 10 people with spouses included.”

“What are some fun things to do in Wellington, New Zealand that cost less than $X per person.”

Never be stumped for ideas again, and if you don’t like the answers offered just ask for more!


Product research

Searching for the best product to buy can be a hassle and often requires a bit of research to even know what to look for. Chat-GPT can provide recommendations based on ratings, price ranges or specific use-cases. Here are a few prompts that can help you choose new products/services for your office.

“Give me a list of the best rated refrigerators in the price range of $X to $X.”

“Which laptop brand is best for video editing.”

“Which commercial cleaning provider treats their employees the best?”

By using Chat-GPT to help pick you can take any bias or personal feelings out of the decision making process.


Meeting Preparation and Documentation

If you find yourself being pulled into lots of meetings without much time to plan, Chat-GPT can also be of assistance.

“Create an agenda for an upcoming meeting about a new team member joining the office.”

With Chat-GPT you can ensure that you’re ready for every meeting you go into.

For most tasks Chat-GPT can help, for your office cleaning let us handle it.

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