Top tips to keep your team motivated when working from home

Finding motivation when you’re working remotely can be a struggle, here’s what you can do to keep your team, employees or teammates motivated when working remotely.


Checking in at least once a day can be an awesome way to replicate that arrival to the office, a quick message or even a 5 minute catch up first thing, is quick, easy and lets your team know they are supported.

Plan Cultural Events

Planning cultural events to give the team something to look forward to is always another awesome option. Some great ideas are: a quiz, an online drawing game like or a scavenger hunt finding items around your home!

Empower your Employees

Empower your employees to make decisions themselves. Making decisions has been shown to drive motivation and get your team more invested in their work.

Exercise Together

Share exercise opportunities with your team, a workout you can do at home, or a run or anything really that gets your team up and moving. You can even do the exercise over Zoom so you can feel like a team doing it!

Home exercise

Give your Team Tools to Succeed

Give your team the tools they need to succeed. Zoom or other video platforms are great, but staying motivated requires organisation and structure. Tools like or Trello can be great to give your team structure to their days and keep them collaborative. Another option are meditation tools, something to help your team regulate their mood while they are working remotely.

Give Time to Declutter

Give your team some time each week to declutter their space. Working remotely can be overwhelming, especially if your team members are working from a small space. Giving them a bit of time to declutter and get their space prepared is a great way to show them you care about their time.

Tidy office 1

Give Plenty of Shout-outs

Make sure to give shout-outs for successes. When everyone is working remotely, seeing the results of someone’s great work can often be missed. Giving shout-outs is a great way to make sure people’s successes remain front and centre!

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