How to be an Awesome Office Manager While Working from Home

It seems that without an office, an office manager’s job becomes a bit less feasible, but there are still some great things you can do to keep your teammates stoked.

Digital Events

Run little digital events for your team. This can be something like a quiz, learn a new skill or just an icebreaker question! We love playing Jackbox games at the CMOS office so we can engage with the team at a distance.

Reading Material

Send through interesting articles to discuss in meetings. Finding something unrelated to work to discuss for 5 minutes before a meeting can be a great way to ensure that you aren’t only talking about work when you are talking to people outside your bubble.

office manager working on laptop

Office Group Chat

Create an office group chat if one doesn’t already exist. This can be a good option for the team to share more personal things (like pictures of their pets), and even smaller things that don’t warrant an email.

Care Packages

Send care packages to your teammates (could be something like some fresh fruit delivered, coffee etc). This is a great way to show the team you care, especially if someone has been hit particularly hard by COVID, and could be something as small as a few groceries being delivered.

care package

Share Good News

Share teammates good news or important general news. Good news can often get missed while everyone is isolating, so sharing people’s good news can be a great way to get the team engaged.

Pause Subscriptions

If you are going into working remotely, don’t forget to pause any office subscriptions that won’t be required while working remotely.

Being a great office manager isn’t easy working remotely, but you can still make your team’s lives easier with a bit of ingenuity!

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