The primary reason that most of our clients come to and stay with us long term is for our market-leading responsiveness. Our clients got sick of being left waiting for a response to their unread emails, unanswered calls and unaddressed requests, and instead chose CMOS.

At CMOS we don’t just say we will promptly respond to you, we guarantee it.

We love to hear from our clients and will respond quickly every time, whether it’s an extra job, a change to what’s required for your site or something else entirely.

If you care about consistency, reliability and responsiveness then get in touch with CMOS and feel your cleaning issues drift away. What CMOS gives you is your time back so you don’t have to chase and chase, so the question we like to ask is ‘How valuable is your time?’

If you contact us, we will respond on the same business day

or we’ll shout the coffee*

Same day response or coffees on us

Say goodbye to your


*Terms and Conditions

If you contact us (by email, telephone or SMS), we will respond on the same business day – or we’ll shout the coffee

Our promise applies where you are an existing customer and have not given us notice of termination

You contact us before 4pm, Monday – Friday (excluding public holidays).  If you contact us after 4pm, or on a weekend or public holiday, we will respond on the next business day.

Our promise to respond means if you contact us on Monday – Friday, you will receive an email, telephone call or SMS from us by 6pm that business day. It does not mean your issue will be resolved the same business day.

If you contact us on the weekend, or on a public holiday, we will respond by the end of the next business day

If we break our promise:

we will deliver takeaway coffees for your team up to the value of $100, on a day and at a time agreed with you 

we are not obliged to pay cash in lieu of coffee

We may alter or withdraw our promise at any time, without notice 


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