We are not a franchise

We’re a full commercial cleaning solution that can be tailored to any industry. We are not a franchise. We never will be.

We’re owned and operated by Harvey Frame and Wim Baars. Supporting them is a small but perfectly formed team of outstanding account managers, one of whom will be your dedicated 24/7 point of contact throughout the partnership.

We vacuumed our first office in Wellington in 2012. Today we equip and co-ordinate pods of New Zealand’s best cleaners to go out and destroy dust and dirt wherever it exists throughout the country.

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We see our role not only as cleaners and guardians of your staff’s hygiene and health, but we also like to try and champion environmental sustainability where we can.

The products we use and supply, the bins we provide, and the way we use energy, all help to spread awareness and subtly nudge Kiwis towards using less toxic products and being less wasteful. And the bonus is, that can save you money.

We use green wherever possible

We’re always on the lookout for effective new eco products that we can incorporate into our business. We currently use a range of environmentally friendly and non-toxic floor cleaners and spray cleaners for desks, bench tops and windows.

We recycle

CM Office Services can supply separate recycling pods for glass, cardboard, compost material and general waste. We can make sure that you’re putting as little into landfill as possible.

We carpool

Our staff regularly car-pool to work and between the sites at night. As well as reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions, it has helped to build a supportive culture and a family atmosphere in our business.

We celebrate with trees

At the end of every year, we team up with the Million Metres Streams Project and plant trees relative to the size of every new contract we earned in those 12 months.

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We work hard to ensure that staff know the rules. They’re happy to follow them because everyone is on the same page here, unified and motivated to do an exceptional job.

As part of our welcome, new members of the CMOS family are introduced to our culture of integrity and responsibility. Clear expectations are set and they’re given training to ensure they know how to meet our high security standards.

Past employers are contacted to verify credentials and to provide a character assessment. Nobody with a past record of misconduct is hired.

We check for any criminal record with the New Zealand Police. You can be sure that all CMOS people are law-abiding citizens.

Only authorised staff who have been through our sign up process are allowed on-site at all times – no exceptions. Staff are instructed that they should never be on-site without a form of ID and CMOS uniform. Supervisors are checking closely for these things when performing their nightly duties.

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