Why do our employees smile so much?

Being some of the highest-paid cleaners in the country probably has something to do with it. But, more importantly, it’s because we give them respect, support, and appreciation.

Our cleaners say:

Managers and supervisors are really listening and understanding. I always feel I got great support.


“I am happy working with CMOS. Anything I need for my cleaning performance I send a text message to the supervisor. People in the office are kind and listen to the workers.”


We have a good team that cares about each other.


“Helpful teamwork with supervisors!”


Family is everything to our staff. We talk regularly with them to ensure we are providing work that not only supports their family but brings pride to them as well.


We make sure the team has all the well-maintained, modern appliances, and gear they need to do an exceptional job.


Staff safety is an absolute priority. We’re thinking ‘safer workplaces’ daily, and of course, we comply with all health and safety legislation, standards, and codes of practice.


Our culture comes from celebrating the unique cultural backgrounds of our staff. Staff is encouraged to communicate with each other in their native tongue. 

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