Spotless, clean windows on a commercial building are a clear indicator that the space houses a
business or businesses that value cleanliness and attention to detail. On the other hand, if your
windows are not regularly cleaned, you may be leaving your existing customers and potential
clients with a poor impression.

Another good reason to use commercial window cleaners in New Zealand is our temperamental
weather. Alternating between rain and sunshine means your windows get water spots that are
literally a blemish on the overall look of your building, especially if it’s a structure that uses a
significant amount of glass outside.

Regular, professional care for your windows

If you are looking for professional help to keep the exteriors of your commercial building –
whether that is a high rise, a sprawling business park, a small office, or something in between –
clean and shiny, you have come to the right place.

At CMOS, we provide an impeccable and efficient window cleaning service for businesses that we provide commercial cleaning for. We can remove stains, spots, bird droppings, etc. and leave your windows sparkling clean. We offer a number of great features like quality cleaning supplies, 24/7 dedicated account management and more.

High quality cleaning products

By using superior cleaning products, we can help not only in improving the look of your building but also in increasing the overall longevity of your windows in the long run.

A team trained to work at heights

For the biggest jobs we outsource to Window Cleaning Contractors who are professionals trained to work at heights and have considerable experience working on tall buildings. Their team will bring all the required safety equipment and do thorough safety checks before and during the cleaning process.

Single point of contact

We are big on customer service, and have dedicated 24/7 account managers for each of our clients. Your account manager will ensure your building stays in top shape, and can be reached directly in case you have questions or need assistance with something specific.

Every job completed to a high standard

We are very particular about our sub-contractors and hold them to a very high standard. For our own staff we have a rigorous hiring and training process to ensure the quality of work is always first-class.

Our other services

Clean My Office Space is a professional cleaning service working with businesses in Auckland
and Wellington. We offer a variety of commercial cleaning services like office floor cleaning,
rubbish removal and common area cleaning. Our focus is helping businesses stay clean,
healthy and productive at all times.




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