Sniffles Circulating your Office? Here’s How Cleaning Helps!

We know that regular cleaning reduces the spread of germs through offices, but it also offers another important benefit.

A study by Skulberg, Knut R., et al. showed that with comprehensive cleaning, the amount of airborne dust in the workspace was reduced by an average of 25%, and as a result nasal congestion rates and mucosal irritation dropped. The study investigated ‘sick building syndrome’ and how much the airborne dust impacted it.

The study took place in an office building in Norway and tested over 100 people. The study was also double-blind to ensure the results weren’t tainted by the knowledge of what they were being tested for, with half being given a comprehensive clean, and half being given superficial clean as a placebo.

Lower nasal congestion rates and mucosal irritation means less runny noses and sniffles around the office, and most importantly less awful nose blowing sounds. If you find that your office still gets a fair share of sneezing congested co-workers, then maybe a more comprehensive cleaning option is what you need?


man sneezing

We already know a clean environment fosters productivity, and happier workers, this shows that it also keeps your team healthier. Get rid of some more airborne dust and create a cleaner, happier workplace!

We can all agree how important a clean office can be for happiness and productivity – we’d love to have a conversation with you about why we’re the best choice in the market to provide that service.

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