Awesome Trello Template and Power-ups for Property Managers

Looking to switch to Trello but don’t know where to start?

Our Trello template gives you everything you need to get the ball rolling! Just put your tenant information and important dates in, and let the Trello board do the work for you.

If you’re looking for a free project and day-to-day management tool then Trello is the one to use. You can easily organise what’s important, set reminder dates and set up logic to add upcoming tasks to your to-do list.

Use the Trello template linked here, and read below for some great Trello power-ups you can use with it!

Amazing Fields

Allows you to create new fields on cards that you can see from the full Trello board view! In this instance we have used it to set the priority of the service tickets, but other options could be to give tickets star ratings to track how well they were completed, or add the phone number of your tenant to the front of the card so you can see it at a glance!

Bulk Actions

If you need to make changes to a lot of cards at once, this makes it a piece of cake! There’s nothing worse than having to change the same thing 8 times on a bunch of different cards, this makes it easy.


If you don’t want to add just another tool to your growing list of software, make Trello the central one! Crmble allows you to turn your Trello board into a CRM, manage clients, create dashboard and reports, and easily connect it to existing tools. Crmble really powers up your Trello and makes it a complete system for you!

For further automation on your board follow the instructions below!

Add cards due in the upcoming week to your to-do list

Trello instructions 1

1. Select Automation then Rules

Trello instructions 2

2. Select Due Date on the left side then Create Command

Trello instructions 3

3. Select +Add Trigger

Trello instructions 4

4. Put in the number of days you want before a card is moved to your To Do list and click the plus button

Trello instructions 5

5. Select Move as the command and the list you’d like to move it to (To Do list if you are using the above template).

6. Click Save

N.B. If you add new cards due closer than 7 days it won’t automatically add them to To Do, it only adds them to To Do when they become due in 7 days.


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