The benefits of a hiring an independently owned commercial cleaning

This isn’t something that a lot of people think of, but there are some important differences between hiring an independently owned and operated commercial cleaning business vs a franchise. If this is something you haven’t considered then give this blog a read and you might even realise it could be a dealbreaker for you.


The first point is consistency, with an independently owned and operated commercial cleaning business, you know that the person cleaning your site isn’t an isolated entity just leveraging a name. With an independently owned and operated business the person cleaning your site is a business representative that was trained and vetted by a central entity.

For us this means no matter when or which branch of CMOS you hire from you’ll be getting a consistent and reliable service.

Easier issue escalation

The next point is easier issue escalation. With a business there is an escalation line all the way to management, so if you have an issue there can be someone at the top able to implement changes. With a franchise your relationship is usually with the franchisee, so any escalation often stops there. This also allows for greater flexibility as changes can be rolled out without having to discuss or involve franchisees.

At CMOS any issues you raise can be taken all the way to the CEO (and our management team actually makes a habit of looking at every NPS response we get from our clients).

Better and more robust systems

An independently run business can often have more centralised and managed systems, this allows for more flexibility in changes but also usually means there’s a dedicated systems person/team across the whole business.

At CMOS we have a dedicated CRM for almost all of our business processes. Unlike many franchises, we have left cleaner books in the past and always search for how technology can improve our service.

Greater Accountability

With an independently owned and operated business the owner/manager of the business will often have better visibility of the day-to-day operations. This leads to better accountability for the employees you deal with as there is a line from them all the way up to management.

Hiring the best people

When hiring, the business can make sure that the people they hire reflect the business’ values. Management has visibility of all of the people that join the company and can make sure that they align with the company direction.

At CMOS we make a habit of making sure we hire A-players, so that we know they’re representing CMOS with their best foot forward.

There are plenty of benefits of choosing an independently owned commercial cleaning company over a franchise, so if you want to make the change get in touch today!

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