Top Chat-GPT prompts to make Facility Manager’s lives easier

Chat-GPT has recently taken the world by storm, and while it might seem like a novelty to some, it actually can be useful for a lot of different industries. While it might not seem like a go to tool for Facility Managers it can actually provide a lot of utility. Here are some use-cases and prompts that can allow you to take advantage of Chat-GPT as a Facility Manager.



Staying on top of communication is key for the Facility Manager role. Whether it’s your staff, tenants or any other third parties, a Facility Manager sends a lot of emails. So if you’re looking to do a general notice for tenants or an eviction notice, Chat-GPT can help.

  • “Write a friendly notification of water outage for the following building address XX.”
  • “Write an eviction notice for the following address and date XXX.”


No matter the tone or content required, Chat-GPT can give you some options, and if you don’t like what it provides, you can adjust the prompt or just ask it to adjust it.


Task Management and Scheduling

Chat-GPT can also be really useful for organising tasks and scheduling. If you want to make a randomised schedule or ordered by urgency Chat-GPT can help.

  • “Write a work order for repairing XXX in XXX. Include instructions on how to fix a XXX.”
  • “Create a schedule for preventive maintenance tasks for the next month, prioritising by urgency.”


Let Chat-GPT help you manage tasks and scheduling to take the time-sucking tasks off your plate.


Troubleshooting and Problem Resolution

When making checklists it can be very easy to forget small but often crucial steps, so Chat-GPT can be used as a starting point or even as a sanity check!

  • “Create a troubleshooting checklist for resolving the following issue in the building XXX.”
  • “Am I missing anything from this troubleshooting checklist for resolving XXX issues?”


Chat-GPT can be the second set of eyes for your work to make sure you haven’t missed anything obvious and make any suggestions.


Security and Emergency Response:

Like with the above example Chat-GPT can also be used in a similar way to create security and emergency response sheets. If it has legal requirements then you can’t trust Chat-GPT to necessarily adhere to those, but it can still be a great tool for a starting point.

  • “Create a set of step-by-step emergency response protocols for the building.”
  • “Make a security policy for people that visit the building.”


These are just a few of the potential use-cases for Chat-GPT for Facility Managers, but really the opportunities are endless!

If you are looking for someone to bounce ideas off and write comms try Chat-GPT.

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