Your Guide to Tailoring Your Office Cleaning Services

Not all offices are built the same, and if you’re considering contracting a team to clean your office, there are a variety of services you can choose from. The secret to keeping your office clean without blowing out your budget is to select the most applicable services.

To help you out, the CMOS team is taking a tour of our office cleaning services! Tag along as we review every service we offer for businesses, from deep carpet cleaning to flawless window shining. Let’s dive right in.


Carpet Cleaning and Steam Cleaning

Let’s face it, carpets get a lot of use in commercial settings. With the sheer number of people walking across your office’s carpets every single day, the situation can quickly get dire if you don’t have them regularly cleaned.

Constant foot traffic brings dirt and moisture to the party, turning your carpets into a breeding ground for bacteria. Not only does this invite sickness, but it also creates unsightly stains and odours that will impact your office’s appearance.

Regular deep carpet cleaning and steam cleaning will keep your carpets clean and healthy for as long as possible. This is great for keeping your office warm and friendly. Plus, it will save on long-term costs for carpet replacement.

Ideal for: Carpeted offices with high foot traffic, a large number of staff, or a lot of contamination potential.


Hard Floor Scrubs

It might seem that hard floors are easier to keep clean than carpets, and in many ways, that’s true. They don’t absorb and store moisture or dirt like carpets. But there’s a different challenge hiding beneath those shiny surfaces.

Hard floors can become dull and scratched from a lot of foot traffic. The more dirt that makes it inside, the more granules can get caught on the bottoms of shoes. Scratchy granules lead to floor gouges, which can rapidly become unsightly.

Just like dirty carpets detract from the longevity and appearance of your floors, scratched and dull, hard floors do the exact same. A good hard floor scrub gets rid of all the dirt and debris. Followed up with a polish and wax, we’ll have your floors shining and protected in no time.

Ideal for: Commercial spaces with hard floors that need to last as long as possible, no matter the level of foot traffic.


Window Cleaning

No matter the size of your commercial building, clean windows are a sign that you value your space. Clean windows create an excellent first impression while letting all the light in as much as possible.

New Zealand presents a unique challenge for professional window cleaners, as the weather is temperamental, and rain can undo all your hard work. This is why it’s important to talk to professional window cleaners like the ones from CMOS, who can clean the windows and put protective measures in place to keep them clean for as long as possible.

Ideal for: Offices with many windows that need to look clean, pristine, and professional. Also ideal for creatives who love natural light!


Specialised Cleaning

Finally, for the times when you are facing an unexpected challenge, we have specialised cleaning services. If you have a unique space to tackle and you’ve had trouble contracting cleaners to take care of it, this is the service to talk to us about.

From shag carpet walls to metres of glass conference dividers, we’re on board to tackle whatever specialised cleaning task you’ve got. The secret to our nailing these unique tasks is talking to you about your needs. Our trained cleaning staff bring a wide range of equipment, cleaning supplies, and past experience to every job. That means – no matter how unusual the task – we’re able to tailor a plan.

Ideal for: Offices with a unique cleaning task they haven’t been able to figure out yet.

With all these services and more on the table, it’s easy to tailor an office cleaning package that will transform your workspace. Thanks to our years of experience, we know that office cleaning doesn’t need to be a major hassle for business owners. When you partner with the right team, you can enjoy the beauty and longevity of a clean office space while preserving your budget and reducing your stress levels.

Are you curious about the office cleaning service package that would suit you best? Talk to our team to learn more about what’s available.


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