5 Essential Tips for Keeping Your Office’s Common Areas Clean

Your office’s common areas can be some of the most difficult to keep clean. From shared kitchens to employee bathrooms, there are any number of office areas that could benefit from some tender loving care.

The question is, how do you keep up? Whether you’re partnering with a professional cleaning service or trying to tackle it in-house, we’ve got some tips to help you stay on top of your common area cleaning.


What is considered an office common area?

An office common area is any piece of your office’s layout that employees share. Because of their shared nature, these spaces tend to be more high-traffic, attracting more dirt, wear, and tear.

They’re also more prone to gathering clutter, as these are the areas of the office where employees will drift through and drop off their stuff as they go. Thanks to these unique challenges, common areas can be difficult to keep clean and tidy between professional cleanings – especially if there’s a long stint between servicing.

That’s why it’s important to rely on a few tips from professionals. With that in mind, let’s explore five steps you and your employees can take to keep things tidy as the week goes by.


Our Top Tips for Keeping Your Common Areas Clean

Establish a Cleaning Schedule

First, work with a professional cleaning team to establish a regular cleaning schedule. When we work with our commercial clients, we figure out the ideal frequency for them. With that flexibility in mind, our clients can establish routines with their employees that keep their common areas fairly tidy as they wait for their next cleaning.


Encourage Cleanliness Among Employees

Encouraging a culture of cleanliness among employees is vital to keep these shared common areas as tidy as possible. The best way to do this is to provide clear cleaning guidelines, incentivising anyone using the space to leave it as tidy as they found it. Some simple strategies for this include:

  •       Posting signage
  •       Establishing clear channels for reporting maintenance issues
  •       Implementing reward programs for clean spaces

The goal is to foster a sense of pride and accountability in your workplace. With that done, keeping the place tidy while you wait for your cleaning crew to sweep through will be a breeze.


Regularly Inspect Your Office

While we’re vigilant when we come by to clean the common areas, we encourage our clients to inspect their spaces regularly. Look for any ongoing cleanliness issues or maintenance needs, like a microwave that’s constantly greasy or a conference table constantly plagued with crumbs.

Not only does this help keep the space generally clean, but it’s also vital to prevent these issues from escalating. Once you identify these issues, you can flag them with your professional cleaning team.


Clean Unexpected Messes Quickly

Unexpected messes and incidents are some of the biggest drivers of dirt and grime in an office. Whether it’s a food spill in the kitchen or a printer ink spill in the copy room, unexpected messes can often occur in your common areas.

Taking care of these messes quickly is vital to keeping your office pristine. For some offices, that means team members having to do the dirty work themselves. For a smart crew, it means jumping in to do the initial damage control on the stain and then calling a professional team to eradicate it.

No matter your approach, it’s vital to react quickly when these messes happen to keep your office looking pristine.


Partner with the Right Team

Finally, there’s much to say about partnering with the right professional cleaning team! Maintaining spotless common areas is hard when you can only rely on your in-house employees, who would be better served by focusing on their roles.

Partnering with a professional cleaning team is an investment your team will thank you for. This will keep your shared office spaces as clean as possible, encouraging productivity and creating a positive client impression. While it’s possible to handle this in-house, it would require a lot of time and energy that you can save when working with a team like CMOS.

When you partner with us, you enjoy a group of professionally trained cleaners who go above and beyond. Not only do we pride ourselves on a job well done, but we are also careful to help you establish great cleaning habits between our visits.

Whether you need us to refill vital supplies in your common areas or take care of one-off deep cleans, our team is ready and waiting.


Experience what pristine common areas look like.

At Clean My Office Space, we’re proud to be New Zealand’s leading office and common area cleaning experts. We go above and beyond, providing class-leading cleaning as well as a clear chain of communication to ensure you always know when your next clean is coming.

No matter what you need from your cleaning team, CMOS has it. Contact us for a free quote today.


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