The ROI Of Investing In High-Quality Commercial Cleaning Services

Are you a commercial property owner? Do you run a business out of offices, or are you in charge of ensuring that a tenanted property is kept in good condition for residents and visitors? Some businesses in New Zealand regard commercial cleaning services as an unnecessary expense. But far from cutting into your profits, regular and thorough cleaning of your commercial space can be an exceedingly wise investment. 

Below, we have set out some of the ways in which investing in regular scheduled professional cleaning can bring a meaningful return on investment (ROI) to your organisation. 

Retaining Customers, Clients, and Employees 

Almost any stakeholder, including valued customers who visit your premises, will notice any obvious signs of poor cleanliness and hygiene practices if you have been neglecting your day to day or your deep cleaning. 

You won’t see us mention specific ROI numbers in this article. After all, it’s difficult to put a specific figure on the client relationships that could be nurtured or the talented workers who could be attracted and retained if your building made a consistently positive impression. 

The cleanliness and hygiene standards of your commercial building may not be the “headline” reason such people and organisations are drawn to your company. However, combined with other factors, they will help create a positive brand image, indicating that your business takes pride in providing a clean, pleasant, and safe environment for workers and visitors alike. 


It Can Help Ensure Health And Safety Compliance 

The right commercial cleaning services won’t have merely have a superficial effect, in addition to keeping up appearances for clients, customers, and employees, they will also provide a valuable service that leans into increased compliance for your health and safety goals. 

After all, businesses and property owners owe it to anyone who uses their buildings to take every reasonable step to protect their health and safety. Failing to do so could constitute a breach of the law and in extreme cases, an unclean and unsanitary environment could potentially put your organisation at legal and financial risk. 

Even putting aside pure legalities, your employees will likely be susceptible to a higher rate of illnesses – and thus, absences from work – if you fail to keep your business site clean. This could eat into your productivity and profits over time. 


Protect Your Site & Equipment 

Computers, appliances, furniture and other assets in your commercial space need to be taken care of to ensure you don’t need to replace things prematurely. Your floors and common areas can quickly loose their shine if they aren’t lookied after or if dirt, dust, and debris are allowed to accumulate on them over time. 

For example, valued tech equipment including computers can be adversely affected if dust is allowed to gather on and inside the device as this will cause the internal heat to rise. The computer’s fans will need to work harder to compensate for this, and as the device continues to get hotter, there may be a need to throttle the CPU to bring the temperature down. 

So, not investing in commercial cleaning services could lead to compromised functionality and performance in your office computers. This could translate into weakened productivity across the premises and being lumped with avoidable repair or replacement costs. 

Reputable commercial cleaning services will use products and techniques to use to ensure the enhanced protection for your business assets. Their efforts will also help maximise your equipment’s operational longevity, so that it doesn’t need to be replaced and upgraded so frequently – this will help you avoid another common drag on company profits. 


It Will Free You Up To Concentrate On Your Core Business 

It’s likely that if you are reading this article as a business owner, you may not have in-depth knowledge of the specialised commercial cleaning methods needed to keep your property looking and feeling its best.

Instead, you probably want to focus on your business’s principal activities to drive growth. For similar reasons, outsourcing the cleaning of your commercial site to a trustworthy external company is likely to make more long-term sense for your company’s bottom line than attempting to set up and maintain an in-house cleaning team. 

Taking the latter route would require you to spend money on recruitment, training, the management of the team you assemble, and a wide range of cleaning equipment and supplies. This would likely drain time, energy, and funds that you would much rather devote to your core business. 


It Will Help Motivate Your Team Members And Drive Productivity 

The connection between a cleaner working environment and heightened productivity can be easily overlooked by many organisational decision-makers. 

However, most of us can relate to feeling distracted and/or stressed from time to time when our part of our workplace is not as clean and tidy as we would like it to be. You might have spent time in such situations trying to reorganise your workstation when you would have ideally been working, or you may have felt uncomfortable when using washrooms, elevators or stairwells that are clearly being neglected.

These factors can all accumulate to drag down productivity. This is before one also considers the negative effects on productivity of employees often taking sick days due to unhealthy and unhygienic working conditions. 

Ensure Peace Of Mind – And ROI – With Our Commercial Cleaning Services. 

Keeping your commercial premises clean isn’t exactly something you can “do without” as an organisation; it is utterly essential for every responsible company. So, you might as well invest in the best-quality cleaning services to help deliver the greatest possible ROI for your business. 

Ask for a quote today from our proudly Kiwi owned company, and you might be surprised by how cost-effective it would be for you to outsource to reputable cleaning specialists. 


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