The Importance of Clean and Sanitary Bathrooms in the Workplace

Not many things can build an opinion of your commercial space quicker than the cleanliness of your bathrooms. Whether it’s a general mess, un-emptied bins, or consumables not being replaced, going into a bathroom and having an unpleasant experience creates a lasting negative impression.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the importance of maintaining clean and sanitary bathrooms in your workplace and chat about why it’s so crucial to your company’s success.

Lasting Impressions

A negative experience in a bathroom will be remembered for much longer than a positive one, and office staff, guests and tenants all expect a clean bathroom to use in your commercial space. Suppose visitors to your bathroom are consistently met with an unclean and unsanitary space. In that case, the impression they form of your business and its priorities and practices will be less than stellar.

Creating a positive and lasting impression with regular and thorough bathroom cleaning will ensure all your washroom visitors have a good experience.

Health & Safety

Maintaining a clean and sanitary bathroom is crucial to the health of your team, tenants and valued customers. Bathrooms can be a hotbed for germs and bacteria. If they aren’t cleaned regularly and thoroughly, you could find that people get sick and will likely spread it around your office or commercial property – this can quickly translate to a drop in productivity.

If consumables like hand soap and hand towels aren’t often replaced or left empty for long periods, then people visiting the bathrooms won’t have what they need to maintain their personal hygiene. This can also lead to embarrassing situations, so hiring a cleaning provider that regularly addresses these tasks makes sense. This is also a great way to demonstrate that management cares about workplace health and safety processes and is making an effort to prioritise wellbeing.

Employee Satisfaction

Maintaining a happy and content workplace is crucial to the success of any business. A big part of this relates to the type of environment you provide, and bathroom facilities that are less than hygienic may drag down general morale and disrupt your hard-won culture and brand loyalty.

If employees have to replace consumables or clean up themselves, that can build resentment and annoyance in your office – that’s another reason why it pays to let the experts handle keeping your washrooms clean and adequately stocked.

Bathroom cleaning

Regular Scheduling

With bathroom cleaning, the more regular you can get, the better. You certainly don’t want your bathroom being neglected for long periods or only cleaned once every few days.

Most cleaning providers will work to your schedule, but one aspect you should always enquire about is their percentage of completed cleans. You don’t want the missed cleans to stack up and leave you with an unclean work environment.

Choosing a Reliable Cleaning Provider

Part of maintaining a clean and sanitary bathroom is picking the right cleaning provider. Some points to enquire about include reliability, the products they use, and their flexibility.

You don’t want a cleaning provider that cancels cleans, skimps on quality environmentally cleaning products or is unavailable for one-off cleans.

Keeping bathrooms sanitary and presentable is a must have for any business, it keeps your staff happy, and creates positive and long lasting impressions for clients.

Choosing a cleaning provider that treats your bathrooms right and understands the importance of a sanitary bathroom is a no-brainer. If you’re interested in what CMOS can do to keep your bathrooms immaculate, check out our bathroom cleaning page.


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