The FMANZ Summit – The Recap

This month our amazing Sales Manager Justine went to the FMANZ Summit, an event for Facilities and Property Managers to hear from experts of the industry and celebrate those who have contributed in big ways. Here is a recap including some of the insights from Justine and why she thought the event was great!

This year CMOS sponsored the event prize, a $500 Bonfire card, and to win attendees had to use an app to scan QR codes and answer questions about sponsors and exhibitors. This was a great opportunity for attendees and sponsors to start up conversations and have a bit of friendly competition running in the background. Justine was able to meet some new and familiar contacts and have some great conversations. You can see a few of the people she met with in the cover image for this blog!

The event kicked off on July 6th at the Cordis, Auckland and began with an opening address from Bruce Kenning, Board Chair & Gillian Wess, Chief Executive Officer. The overall theme of the event was ‘The Way of the Future’ focusing on building a new future for Facility Management out of the ‘new normal’ we find ourselves in.

There were some fantastic talks throughout the event, all of which were relevant and insightful in the current world climate, but there were two that really stood out.

The first, and one of the major highlights was the talk from Sheridan Broadbent on “The way of the future. Leading the change society needs to see”. The talk was thought provoking and touched on how ‘FM enables society’s most critical functions to operate continuously’, and that FM Providers can do better and ‘shine a light on unacceptable sector practice.’

Sheridan Broadbent jpeg

On the second day a real treat was the talk from Tony Alexander. Tony’s presentation really hit the mark of a quality speech, it was insightful, but easy to follow and humorous; especially his view on the economy.

At the end of the second day, it was time to present the event prize and Justine along with the organiser Marjolein awarded the prize to our winner Katya Van Den Nieuwenhuysen, which closed off the Summit.

Overall this event was a great success, with high quality speakers, that had everyone going home having learned something new.

Justine and Marjolein jpeg

If you didn’t make it this year we definitely recommend attending the next!

If you want to know more about how CMOS can help Facility Managers with their cleaning needs, get in touch!


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