Eco-friendly cleaning services

Making the environmental choice can seem like a lot of work, but is a lot easier than you think! When looking for an eco-friendly cleaning solution, here are the things you should consider and ask.

Environmentally friendly products

The first is if they use eco-friendly products. This can be difficult as a lot of cleaning products are green-washed and aren’t actually as eco-friendly as they might say. When choosing a cleaning company a good place to start is checking that their products have an eco-friendly certification such as Environmental choice.

If your current cleaning company doesn’t use environmentally friendly products ask if they would consider switching for your sites.

Waste Reporting

Another important consideration is how they currently report waste, and how willing they are to adhere to your waste reporting requirements. A good cleaning company will keep track of their waste disposal, as the first step in reducing waste is knowing how much they produce.

Recycling processes

A quality cleaning company will already have recycling procedures in place. They will be able to provide you with their recycling policy. If a company expects you to provide them with the recycling policy, then that is usually an indicator that they don’t do it by default. If you are an environmentally responsible business, then this is a red-flag for hiring them as a service.

Carbon emissions offsetting

This is something that has been more and more top-of-mind as of late. Companies are off-setting their carbon emissions from business activities. 

There are a few layers to this, and you can determine what is acceptable. Firstly you can ask if they track their carbon emissions, (this is a good first step to determine if they are taking steps in the right direction) then if they are actively off-setting their carbon emissions, and finally look for a certification that shows this, good examples are the Ekos carbon emissions certifications.

For more questions to ask when choosing your cleaning service check out our full summary.

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