To save you time we’ve put together a FAQ to answer the most common questions we’ve been receiving about all things Covid. If you have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact your Account Manager.

All non-essential sites have been suspended for the duration of Alert Level 4. We are well positioned for service continuity, so once we move down to Alert Level 3, normal cleaning will recommence unless we are instructed otherwise by you. If you have special requirements or need further clarity, please read the rest of this FAQ or contact your dedicated Account Manager.

CMOS has robust processes in place to ensure that your commercial office space is kept safe and clean. 

Cleaning: Our cleaning procedures are in line with Ministry of Health guidelines for general cleaning and we use proven cleaning and disinfecting products
Safety: We continue to reinforce to our staff the importance of following Ministry of Health personal hygiene tips, using appropriate PPE, and staying at home if they feel unwell. We have developed a Special Sick Leave Scheme to make sure our cleaners can afford to take time off if required. We also maintain ample cover staff so that we never have to require a cleaner to work if they are unwell.
Training: We are in regular contact with our cleaners and provide continued mandatory training to make sure everyone in the CMOS family is equipped with the knowledge to keep themselves and others safe, and to keep your office clean   

Disinfecting products that we use:

Instant Kill: All Kleen disinfectant and cleaner on all hard surfaces including high touch surfaces. The active disinfectant ingredient is C12‐C16 alkyldimethyl which is one of the Quaternary Ammonium Compounds. Quaternary Ammonium Compounds are listed on the US CDC website as a disinfectant to use against SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19. Any hospital grade detergent/disinfectant is also listed as ‘suitable’ products on the MOH advice PDF.

Instant Kill: Bleach in bathrooms/washrooms on hard non porous surfaces. The active ingredient in bleach is sodium hypochlorite. A watered down solution of sodium hypochlorite is recommended as a disinfectant to use against SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 on the US CDC website. The MOH advice PDF recommends a diluted bleach solution on hard floors.

Proactive Prevention: BioShield®️ 75 (Upon request) application is a microbial shield for all surfaces including fabrics. The active ingredient is Octadecylaminodimethyltrihydroxysilyl propyl ammonium chloride. This product has not been proven effective against COVID19 on any of our trusted resources yet however other forums, and our chemical supplier, tell us microbial shield products are regarded as being effective in reducing the risk of COVID-19 living on a surface. Microbial shields have been proven effective against Swine Flu H1N1 and Influenza A and Bioshield®️ 75 is registered with the EPA.

Everyone has heard the messages from the Ministry of Health. We urge our clients to keep in mind what we call “The Big 5 Hygiene Tips” at their places of work:

– Wash your hands regularly
– Maintain social distance
– Stay at home if you are unwell
– Disinfect high touch surfaces daily
– Cough or sneeze into your elbow or a tissue

Here is a poster that you can print and hang in your office

For safety and comfort, we find that many of our clients like to disinfect their own electronics (e.g. shared workstation keyboards, mice, laptops, phones) as we do not normally offer this service. We are happy to arrange delivery of DIY Workstation Disinfecting Kits at your request and we also work with several subcontractors that can carry out workstation cleans on your site.


Absolutely. We are proud to offer a market-leading level of service. We are well-positioned to continue to provide at least the same level of service as ever before, if not better. As always, we aim to get back to you before the end of the same day and promptly resolve every matter to your satisfaction.

Your dedicated Account Manager is more than happy to discuss the details of your individual cleaning service specifications with you. We have found it helpful to clarify that, while our cleaning procedures are indeed in line with Ministry of Health cleaning guidelines, certain job specifications do not allow us to clean to their exact recommendations. For example:

– Job specifications agreed before this year typically involve weekly disinfection of hard surfaces, rather than daily.
– Where we do not clean a site daily, it is obviously not possible for us to disinfect hard surfaces daily.
– We do not typically clean or disinfect personal electronics such as keyboards, laptops, and computer mice. This is, however, something we can arrange for you upon request.

Please contact your Account Manager if you have any questions or requirements. It’s important to us that your specifications continue to meet your needs and are adjusted upon request in consultation with you to reflect any desired changes.


We LOVE it when our clients are engaged with their cleaning and make service requests. We maintain a can-do attitude and always strive to provide outstanding and timely solutions for our clients whenever possible – that’s what makes us special. We appreciate the patience and understanding that our clients have shown throughout the last few months and would like to thank you all in advance for your understanding of the challenges we will face to action all client requests as we come out of Lockdown. We are confident we will be able to help every client get what they need.

We have been able to offer a suspension to all services and all billing for the entire Alert Level 4 “Lockdown” period. This of course only applies to sites where we have been unable to do the cleaning and does not apply to cleaning that we have been doing for sites where essential services are being carried out. We have reached agreements with our suppliers (ALSCO, Initial, Envirowaste) to replicate this agreement for CMOS and thank them for their support. For your convenience, this suspension was automatically applied to all of our open contracts.

In terms of the administrative detail for this suspension, we will bill you for the work we do when we start cleaning your site again. If you have already paid your March bill then we will issue you with a credit note for the days we did not service your site and this can be used against any future invoices or refunded. We are processing a large amount of these credits but we are trying our hardest to do this as quickly and accurately as we can.

If you become aware of a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 on your site, please notify your CMOS Account Manager immediately. Upon request, we can arrange a decontamination service for your site with one of our several trusted suppliers of specialist cleaning.

CMOS is proud to be one big family. Here are some of the ways we make sure our cleaners are looked after:

– We have paid cleaners working on Essential Service sites during Alert Level 4 at 120% of their normal hourly rate to recognise their efforts and dedication.
– We are committed to keeping our staff in employment as long as we can. We have not made any redundancies through Alert Level 4.
For cleaners unable to clean non-Essential Service sites, we continue to pay them 80% of their regular wages.
– We have developed a leave scheme to assist cleaners who might be unable to work due to personal or family illness.
– We continue to provide ongoing Health & Safety and cleaning training to empower our cleaners with fresh and up-to-date knowledge.

The information above is based on our understanding of events at 17th April 2020.  Covid-19 developments are complex and evolving – circumstances may change after publication that may affect the information’s accuracy.  We’ll do what we can to update the information when we become aware of changes, but we can’t guarantee that this information is accurate and up-to-date, and can’t accept any liability or responsibility for any errors in, or omissions from, this information.