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Add value to your bottom line by investing in professional cleaning.  

When your employees and clients see that you value their comfort, it increases productivity. At CMOS, we provide market-leading commercial cleaning services to every one of our clients.

Choose CMOS for all your commercial cleaning needs and access the CMOS difference. We use green products officially certified by Eco Choice Aotearoa, and we clean your offices, restrooms, lobbies, and more to the highest standard every time we visit. 

Protect your business and brand presence with commercial cleaning services that make a difference. 

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Our Commercial Cleaning Remuera Team

We thoroughly vet all our team members and use branded workwear, so you always know when we are on your premises. Your security and confidentiality are vital to our success, and we ensure a safe and 100% satisfactory experience for all our clients.

Each one of our commercial cleaning clients is assigned a dedicated Account Manager. This person is your first contact for enquiries, off-schedule requests and emergency call-outs – 24/7.

CMOS Services

Alongside cleaning your office, we remove your rubbish, take care of your restrooms, clean your windows – and more. We create a fully customised cleaning schedule so you can choose the service combination that targets your unique needs. 

Browse some of our services below, or click here to contact us now.

  • Bathroom Services

Providing your employees and visitors with a hygienic, well-stocked restroom can make a difference to your brand reputation – and productivity. Our team will make sure your washroom spaces are clean, and we are available for off-schedule cleaning should the need arise.

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  • Floor Cleaning

We vacuum, mop, polish and buff your hard and soft floors. Clean floors in your office, tenanted property or workroom help to make a positive impression – and a pristine floor helps to boost staff morale. 

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  • Elevators & Stairwells

When your employees and clients move around your property, they spend a lot of time in your elevators and stairwells. We keep these often neglected areas clean, removing rubbish and cleaning and polishing floors, glass and mirrored surfaces.

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  • Window Cleaning

Properly cleaned windows make a huge difference to the overall look of your commercial property. We clean and dust sills and remove dirt, fingerprints and other unsightly marks to ensure your offices and retail spaces always look their best.

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Customised Cleaning Solutions

Because every business is unique, we don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. At CMOS, we tailor our approach around what works best for you. We design a customised cleaning schedule around your operating hours to ensure minimal disruption to work processes. 

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Thoughtful, Sustainable Service

The CMOS Remuera team are committed to sustainable cleaning practices, and we employ non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning products whenever possible. We can also create and maintain separate recycling processes for your general waste, glass, cardboard, and compostable materials.

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