Keeping our staff happy and healthy

Keeping our cleaning staff Happy and Healthy

Welcome to the CMOS family!, are the first words that a new employee will hear when they start working at CMOS. For us, is not another cliché, because we understand the importance of making everyone feel valued and part of a Whānau. (Extended family) 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

We’re setting a new standard for high-performance cleaning in New Zealand, by developing innovations that will drag the industry out of the dark ages.  And along with that, we’re improving the conditions for cleaners, with better pay, better equipment, better management, and a winning workplace culture built around the principles of pride, unity, performance, and fun!

There’s a direct correlation between our cleaners’ happiness and our client’s satisfaction. So, we take care of both. 💪

At CMOS we value our people and always make sure they have everything they need to succeed in life and work. We give them: Respect, Support & Appreciation. Here are 4 ways we take care of our staff:

1. Caring about family

Family is everything to our cleaning staff. We talk regularly with them to ensure we are providing work that not only supports their family but brings pride to it as well. 🙌


2. Looking after employee physical health

Staff safety is an absolute priority. On their first day at a site, a supervisor will alert them to the various risks and hazards present. We’re thinking ‘safer workplaces’ daily, and of course, we comply with all health and safety legislation, standards and codes of practice. 👏


3. Providing the best working environment and culture

Our culture comes from celebrating the unique cultural backgrounds of our staff. They are encouraged to communicate with each other in their native tongue. We use our training to empower and incentivize our staff. Providing opportunities to succeed through training and education benefits our goal of continuously motivating our large team of passionate cleaners.😁


4. Providing the best equipment 

We make sure the team has all the well-maintained, modern appliances, and gear they need to do an exceptional job. It’s easier to enjoy your work and take pride in it when you have quality equipment.👍

We focus on our cleaner’s needs, and always being ready to lend a hand reflects our commitment to empowering people to dream big and achieve more.



If you’d like to apply for a job with CMOS, fill in the form on the page linked below!

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