The Cost-Effectiveness of Outsourcing Elevator and Stairwell Cleaning Services

The business world is a fast-paced place, and companies are always on the lookout for increased efficiencies. One area that’s often forgotten about is the cleaning of common spaces. When new cleaning crews are brought on board, spaces like elevators and stairwells are often left out of the equation.

The temptation to cut costs entirely by leaving these spaces alone may be strong, but the build-up of dust and grime can quickly invade even the cleanest office spaces. That’s why outsourcing your elevator and stairwell cleaning has become a cost-effective solution for taking care of these spaces in commercial buildings.

The Importance of Elevator and Stairwell Cleaning

When it comes to foot traffic, common areas like elevators and stairwells are some of the busiest spots in any commercial building. If they’re not cleaned regularly, they can quickly get very dirty. Dust, grime, trash, and all sorts of things pile up in liminal spaces like this.

But why does it matter to keep these spaces clean? If the offices themselves are as clean as possible, why bother sorting out the in-between?

Keeping these areas clean ensures that no dirt will encroach on the clean internal environment of the offices. Not only does it leave a positive impression on clients and visitors, but it also ensures that the environment stays as healthy as possible.

Challenges of In-House Cleaning

Some businesses might think about taking care of those cleaning tasks in-house by hiring a dedicated team. Unfortunately, there are several challenges associated with this approach.

First of all, hiring and training an in-house team requires a ton of time and resources. Managing an entire subset of new personnel isn’t a task to take lightly, especially when that new team needs to be supplied with cleaning equipment and other supplies.

You’ll need to conduct a detailed interview and training process to ensure you get the level of expertise that nets thorough, effective cleaning. This might not be readily available, but a dedicated office space cleaning team will already know what to do.

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Elevator and Stairwell Cleaning

Outsourcing your elevator and stairwell cleaning services comes with plenty of benefits, and it’s worth diving into them before making your choice. Let’s review five of the top reasons to outsource this service from one of the most qualified teams in Auckland.

CMOS Staircase and elevator cleaning

Specialised Expertise

Each space requires a special touch, even elevators and stairwells. Having specialised expertise helps with getting through the cleaning process as quickly as possible while ensuring you receive the best results. Not only that, but the right company will have the best equipment to make sure your space stays clean and cared for for as long as possible.

Cost Savings

Oddly enough, outsourcing eliminates the need for an in-house cleaning staff and thus saves you money. You’ll save on labour costs, training expenses, cleaning supplies, and even repair costs. An experienced cleaning team is like a pre-packaged unit, ready to be unleashed on your stairwell without any ramp-up.

Time Efficiency

Outsourced cleaning services also operate on a schedule that suits your business. Whether you need discreet cleaners after business hours or are happy with 9 to 5 cleaning services, the flexibility to call a team in a timely manner is vital. This allows you to make the best first impression on clients and customers, no matter the time of the week.

Not only that, finding the perfect moment to conduct the cleaning (in collaboration with the team you choose) will help ensure your employees aren’t disrupted as they work.

Quality Assurance

Professional cleaning companies usually provide a quality assurance guarantee, which means you can be sure you’re maintaining a certain standard of cleanliness in your building. Not only does this contribute to a positive and professional image, but it also reduces the stress of onboarding and managing a new cleaning team.

Customised Services

Finally, outsourcing your cleaning services allows you to tailor what you need. Choose a one-time deep cleaning to bring your space back up to scratch, or select a regular maintenance package to keep your space clean without paying too much.

You can work with the company you choose to find a schedule that aligns with your needs and budget rather than bankroll an entirely new in-house team. With the specialised equipment provided, you can also relax in the knowledge that your outsourced team can offer special services should they be required.

At the end of the day, outsourcing your elevator and stairwell cleaning is an effective way to maintain a clean, safe, and inviting environment all without the complexities that come with managing an in-house cleaning team.

Cost savings, speedy cleaning, and better results are all that you can expect when you pick an expert team to tackle your job. As your business strives to optimise resources, this is a cost-effective solution for maintaining the often-overlooked spaces within commercial buildings.

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