Top 5 Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Commercial Cleaning Company

There are numerous benefits to hiring a professional cleaning provider when compared to the alternatives, all of which help make your life easier. In this blog we’ll explore why hiring a professional cleaning company is a great decision to make.

Takes work off your plate

If you hire a single cleaner or get your staff to do it suddenly you’re managing an extra person/role. If things go wrong you have to direct the cleaner yourself and if they’re sick organise the cover.

With a commercial cleaning company, you’ll have a dedicated account manager to handle it all. All you need to do is sign on the dotted line and let them do the rest. Any management, discipline, cover etc will be handled by the account manager so you can focus on what really matters.

Everything handled

When hiring a single cleaner you may have to order/provide all of the cleaning supplies and equipment (which can quickly become pricey). By hiring a commercial cleaning company this is all handled. All of the cleaning products and equipment will be ordered by the account manager and supplied without any input required!

They’ll keep track of it all and make sure your office is always stocked with what it needs.

One-off extras

If you ever need a one-off extra such as a deep clean, intense carpet cleaning, elevator polishing or anything else your account manager will organise it. Without a cleaning provider you’d have to search out quotes, talk to different providers and make a decision for each of the services you need.

Save yourself the time and let the Account Manager handle it for you with an already vetted and price compared sub-contractor.

More flexibility

Although it might seem counterintuitive a commercial cleaning provider can be more flexible than an individual cleaner. If your cleaner can’t make it due to sickness or anything else, a cleaning provider has a full list of other cleaners that can provide cover. If you need a service reduced or increased a commercial cleaning provider will have the capacity to change as required.

Industry Expertise

By hiring a commercial cleaning provider instead of an individual cleaner you get a wealth of industry expertise. A commercial cleaning business can have hundreds of thousands of hours of shared cleaning experience and have faced every cleaning situation you could imagine. This means they’ll never be taken by surprise and will know exactly what to do for any challenge you throw at them.

CMOS office cleaning staff

If you want to give a commercial cleaning provider a try consider giving CMOS a go. Unlike other providers we don’t tie you into long-term contracts, all we require is one month’s notice!

If you want a completely free, no obligation quote, get in touch today!


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