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When your tenants, employees or clients see you taking care of your premises with professional commercial cleaning, they will know you can take care of them, too. 

For exceptional service, Penrose businesses choose to invest in a valuable service that leaves common areas, offices, stairwells, restrooms – and more – looking and feeling their best.

At CMOS, we use eco-friendly products certified by Eco Choice Aotearoa whenever possible and aim to leave your commercial spaces clean, hygienic and safe from toxic chemicals.

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Office Cleaning

We can fully customise a targeted plan to suit your requirements and assist with special events and emergency cleaning whenever necessary.

Regularly scheduled services might include:

  • Floors

Our team uses the latest machinery to mop, buff, vacuum, and steam clean your hard floors and carpeted areas. Clean floors are an essential part of keeping your premises looking their best.

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  • Rubbish Removal

CMOS is dedicated to assisting with Green Star building compliance, and we remove your daily rubbish from desk-side receptacles. We can organise skip bins and take one-off trips to refuse transfer stations for larger items.

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  • Common Areas

We help you create a welcoming environment for all of your clients, guests, and employees with regularly scheduled cleaning to ensure your common areas remain hygienic and aesthetically pleasing. 

Common area cleaning might include:

  • Bathrooms

We ensure that hygiene and cleanliness are maintained across all your restrooms, and we can restock your consumables so your guests and employees feel cared for.

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  • Lobbies

Making a positive impression starts when your visitor or team walks through the front door. CMOS will clean your entryway to the highest standard, including glass and brass – we can even clean the front door. 

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The Penrose CMOS Crew

When we send a crew to your site, we also send a supervisor, ensuring our staff remain accountable every time we visit.

Every regular CMOS commercial cleaning client is assigned a dedicated Account Manager they can call or email for special requests, off-schedule cleaning or even an emergency callout.

  • Employee Vetting

All our staff show up in branded workwear with formal identification, and we vet every team member we hire so you have peace of mind around security and confidentiality. 

Custom Cleaning Solutions

Because every business has a unique set of requirements, maybe opening at the weekend, at night, or operating during regular office hours – we work around you. 

We book your slots and send our teams at a time that will ensure minimal disruption to your daily operations. 

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Sustainable Practices

We encourage our cleaning crews to carpool, and we can provide and maintain separate rubbish receptacles for general rubbish, compostable materials and recyclables. We use eco products wherever possible and are committed to helping you reach your sustainability goals.

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