5 easy desk organization tricks

Did you know that clutter competes for your attention and increases your stress level? You can make every workday more productive and fun by livening up your workspace.

We believe that a clear mind starts with a clear desk. Here we share 5 easy desk organization tricks you can start implementing today. We hope they will help get your desk under control so you can be more productive and effective at work. 

desk organization tricks

1. Create space for your personal items

Designate a specific area for your wallet or purse,  phone or any other personal item you carry with you every day. This will help you create a routine around your desk and position everything in the right place for you. Turn one of your desk drawers into a charging station for your phone, headphones or backup batteries. Add other cables you might need in there as well.

2. Keep only what you need on your desk

Once you know where everything needs to be on your desk, just keep what you use. The best way to avoid clutter is to keep anything you don’t use daily out of sight. Don’t forget to keep some open desk space for things you need to review, edit or approve regularly that won’t stay on your desk for long.

3. Scan your documents

Go digital! Anything you don’t need a physical copy of should be scanned. This will help get rid of those piles of paper cluttering your desk. 

4. Group similar items together

Segment your desk by grouping similar items together. Don’t keep multiple drawers and organizers for your office supplies, try to have just one drawer to help you find what you need faster. 

5. Do a daily Clean-up and a weekly deep clean

At the end of every day, take the time to wipe down your desk before you leave the office. Doing this will make you put away anything you’ve left on your desk that needs to be someplace else, meaning you’ll come to work each morning with a clean desk and a fresh start that will boost your productivity. 

For a deep clean think about disinfecting your desk to keep your environment healthier. 

At CMOS, we offer you a simple, easy, and quick way to help you help yourself. You can take control and disinfect your desk yourself by ordering a DIY Disinfecting Kit delivered straight to your office space.  You can order today! 

The more often you practice these tricks during the week the less time this will take.


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